Dark and Fragrant Oil for Allurement, Healing and Ritual Magic


An authentic Indonesian potion actually needs no further introduction. Indonesia’s magical oils are internationally recognized as genuine treasure troves of ritual magic. This dark and fragrant oil is precisely what you would expect from an occult charm. It is made and blessed by dukun (shaman), using consecrated olive oil as its main ingredient, which was then mixed along with various kinds of natural flowers and medicinal herbs. In other words, the magical oil is made according the original method of Indonesian shamanism through careful selection of only the best natural ingredients available.

Dark and Fragrant Oil for Allurement

Since this flask contains ritually blessed olive (Lat. Olea europea) oil, it can therefore also be used as an anointment to aid in traditional healing methods. Indeed, olive oil is often used as an essential base ingredient for many balms, salves and lotions. The healing properties of this oil serve to restore the balance and harmony of mind and body, as well as the body’s ability to replenish itself, thereby promoting physical health. In addition, it is said, that when olive oil is properly empowered by a realized master, it has the magical ability to induce sensual desire and lust in both men and women.

Dark and Fragrant Oil for Allurement and Healing

Thus, the dark and fragrant oil is turned into an occult charm through ritual empowerment, using sacred mantras in order to endow the potion with mystical properties of love and attraction. Due to the pleasant fragrance of the additional ingredients, this oil is the perfect perfume for people who want to be able to allure someone. Another purpose of this amulet, however, lies in its occult power through which it can offer the wearer metaphysical protection from evil ghosts and spirits, and indeed, black magic in general. And so, a bottle of this sacred oil contains some of the most auspicious blessings to promote peace and happiness.

Dark and Fragrant Oil for Allurement, Healing and Ritual Magic

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