Dark Amber Resinous Oil extracted from a Sacred Fossilized Tree


Amber is a precious substance which has been used for the purposes of adornment and ritual magic for over 12,000 years, going back to the last part of the Stone Age around 10,000 BC. This dark amber resinous oil is extracted from a petrified tree. Fossilized trees are considered extremely sacred due to the extraordinary metaphysical properties they possess. It is believed that fossilized wood from a holy tree has inherent magical qualities like invincibility (kanuragan) and invulnerability (kadigdayaan). This belief is based on the fact that such an old tree has withstood the test of time, thereby making its resin a miraculous substance indeed.

Sacred Amber Fossilized Tree Resin

Besides protective powers, amber is also said to have significant healing properties, which is why this resinous oil has been used in traditional medicine since time immemorial. Alchemical healers, for example, use amber to cleanse energy blockages in one’s mind and to alleviate physical pains in the body. Likewise, a magical oil of this kind is very effective when used for reiki therapy as well as aura and chakra healing treatment. Thus, the dark liquid variant of amber promotes both spiritual and energy healing.

Sacred Tree Resin extracted from Fossilized Amber

In Indonesia, however, amber oil is often used by traditional shamans (dukun) to empower mystical objects (e.g. amulets, talismans, taweez) with various esoteric energies and metaphysical properties. For this reason, consecrated amber oil is recognized for its potential benefits in regard to a person’s individual practice of ritual magic, making it very popular amongst occultists and the like. Due to the additional blessing of a dukun, the magical oil serves a wide range of additional purposes such as enhanced attraction, love, charisma, authority, and financial success.

Sacred Ritual Oil extracted from Fossilized Amber Tree Resin

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