Dark Agate Mustika Gem with Reddish Hue and with a Khodam Spirit attached


Dark or black agate is one of the rarer types to be found in Indonesia. Though it is certainly not less popular than its pictorial variant. Even without a semi-transparent image this particular gemstone retains its value, not in the least due to its potent mystical power. Indeed, a genuine mustika stone of this kind is naturally imbued with metaphysical energy derived from the elemental forces of nature, as it takes millions of years for nodules in ancient lava to assume the form of an agate.

Indonesian Agate Gemstone

During the slow formation process the volcanic rock has absorbed all the hosts’ mineral qualities, transforming it into a semi-precious gemstone. Hence a deep, warm red hue is visible on the flat surface of the black stone, which is caused by the oxidation of iron. Similarly, the amount of oxidation and concentration of iron formed the overall blackness of the gem. Finally, the mustika underwent ritual empowerment in order to enhance its magical quality.

Mystical Agate Mustika Gem

Thus, a khodam spirit was conjured and attached to the mystical object. In this way, then, the dark agate amulet is endowed with tremendous supernatural power, thereby enabling the owner not merely to summon but also to command the inhabiting spirit. This means that, in addition to the inherent mystical properties (e.g., forbearance, fortitude, tenacity) that – according to the principles of sympathetic magic – are normally associated with agate, the talisman and its attached khodam have the ability to improve the quality of one’s life significantly.

Magical Gemstone Amulet from Indonesia

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