Danganan Garuḍa Viṣṇu


A uniquely hand carved danganan (hilt) in Balinese style. On this hilt we see Viṣṇu riding his vehicle, Garuḍa. Due to the fact that Garuḍa is renown for devouring nāgas, it is generally believed that Garuḍa can protect the keris owner against snake attacks and its venom.

If one wants to call upon Garuḍa for help, one can chant the ‘Gāruḍī Vidyā’ mantra, which can be found in Garuḍa Purāṇa 1,19.22: ‘Oṃ hrī hrau hrīṃ bhi(bhī) ruṇḍāyai svāhā‘. It is also possible to chant ‘oṃ kuru kule svāhā‘ to overcome the dangers of poisening, and ‘oṃ pakṣi svāhā‘ for protection in general.

The hilt is carved from moose horn. The total lenght is 14 cm.

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