Consecratory Oil for Ritual Empowerment of Mystical Objects


The deep red oil contained in the glass bottle owes its rich color to the threads of saffron flowers among several other herbs and plants. Generally, saffron is deemed sacred in traditional Indonesian sorcery. It is therefore not uncommon for sorcerers to write Islamic incantations in saffron ink, as this is believed to charge the letters with metaphysical energy, so that the dukun or magician can thereby turn them into powerful magic spells. For this reason, there is also a small piece of paper added to the bottle, featuring handwritten spells which have since been fully absorbed by the oil.

Magic Consecration Oil

Another important ingredient for authentic potions from Indonesia is magical bamboo grass, a very rare and unique tropical variant found only in the remote jungle in Kalimantan. According to the animist belief system of the indigenous tribes of Kalimantan the dense forest where magical bamboo grass grows is guarded by fairy-like nature spirits. Hence only genuine masters are able to communicate with the forest-dwelling fairies in order to rightfully obtain a small quantity of this special substance.

Indonesian Mystical Empowerment Potion

As the title already suggests, the consecratory oil is imbued by the power of true Indonesian magic, allowing the concoction to be used for ritual empowerment of mystical objects, such as amulets, talismans, taweez, and kerises. Anointing any type of amulet with some of this oil instantly infuses it with the oil’s inherent blessings. In this way one can perform the consecration to increase the object’s spiritual potency. Thus the enhanced mystical properties will pervade the item in its entirety.

Ritual Blessing Oil for Amulets and Talismans

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