Classical Keris Pandawa Cinarita Luk 5 from the Tangguh Cirebon Era (15th-17th Century CE) with Pamor Wos Wutah


The keris Pandawa Cinarita (often also named Pendawa Carita; Javanese: Pandhåwå Cinaritå) is a popular type of dapur (keris model) among pusaka heirloom collectors from all around the world. This is because the Pandawa Cinarita model is considered a very powerful dapur in regard to its magical qualities. Indeed, according to traditional Javanese belief, the keris Pandawa Cinarita possesses strong magical powers which can help improve one’s public speaking success. Beside enhanced power of influential speech, this type of keris is also known to boost one’s charisma, increasing thereby one’s social status.

Keris Cirebon Sepuh

In addition, the keris Pandawa Cinarita has been forged with the exquisite Wos Wutah pamor motif covering the ancient iron blade. The Wos Wutah pattern, sometimes also refered to as Beras Wutah in Indonesian, is a common feature of traditional Javanese pusaka weapons of olden times. Though very plain and simple in appearance, yet this type of pamor signifies the ultimate hope of the empu to bestow upon the owner of the keris a surplus of wealth. Hence, the Wos Wutah motif is regarded as a source of strength, especially in regard to sustenance.

Ancient Keris Cirebon

The dapur of this antique keris has five luks (‘waves’), which in traditional Javanese numerology is believed to be able to enhance one’s professional communication skills. The blade exhibits the characteristic features of the kerises made in the tangguh Cirebon era (15th–17th century CE). A keris from the tangguh Cirebon often has a taller and wider blade compared to other Javanese kerises. Another distinctive feature of a keris Cirebon is the short ganja and sirah cecak at the base of the blade. For the rest it has a kembang kacang and lambe gajah on the gandik. But perhaps the most remarkable feature is the dark color of the blade and the dryness of the iron from which the keris is forged.

Keris Cirebon Blade with Impressive Pamor Motif

Attributed with a high-quality Timåhå wooden warangka (sheath) and hilt, the keris Pandawa Cinarita as a whole is full of artistic splendor. Considering the traditional artistic values of the classical Cirebon style, the keris Pandawa Cinarita is a true masterpiece, which comes with a wooden hilt which is hand carved in the form of a bhūta (spirit) image. Below the luxurious hilt there is an antique mendak (keris ring) made from brass and cast in the authentic style of Cirebon.

Keris Cirebon with Wooden Hilt featuring a Bhuta Image

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