Chinese Imperial Jade Fortune Amulet Pendant for Monkey Zodiac Sign


Wearing a Chinese fortune character, allows us to enhance positive feelings and to bring good luck into our lives.
In Chinese culture, fortunate characters and calligraphy are commonly practiced and are embedded in all aspects of life, since millennia.
This is not different in contemporary times.

福 ‘Fu’- The Chinese lucky character for Good Fortune, has been incorporated on just about any item, throughout the Chinese world.
These Chinese lucky characters, quotes and sayings, are commonly found on scrolls and in pictures.
Also many Chinese shops and restaurants add the word Fu to the name, to bring good luck to the business.
This is how the ancient characters still play a prominent role within the daily life.

Fu Fortune Zodiac Pendant

福 Fu is the ultimate fortune character.
Meaning good luck, wealth and good fortune.
Fu is excellent to use as an amulet.
Since ancient history, the character has been used as a talisman and good luck charm.
The ideogram of Fu, represent’s the divine’s blessing of the farmland.
The ‘farm’ is divided into four equal parts, referring to the four directions and four elements.

Fu Fortune Zodiac Pendant

The Fu character can also be used upside down, towards the Chinese New Year. Meaning that fortunate times lie ahead.
Fu also resembles the Chinese word for bat, which is one reason bats also are auspicious in China. Bats are especially lucky in numbers of five and as we know, can rest upside down.
Also the name of one of the Three Star Gods is Fu.

Wearing this delicate Imperial jade pendant, with its sterling silver Fu character, is more than a powerful good luck amulet alone.
The other side of this pendant, features the Chinese character for the Monkey zodiac sign, in Chinese astrology.

Fu Fortune Zodiac Pendant

According to ancient Chinese astrology, people born in the year of the Monkey (1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028) will most likely identify themselves with the description of their characteristics and personality below.

Monkeys are charming, charismatic and extremely inventive and mostly noted for their intelligence and capacity in solving difficult problems. Cheerful and energetic, they attract many friends with their magnetic personality, however, also impatient when it comes to getting their way, but their anger cools quickly. Monkeys are extremely curious and hungry for knowledge, blessed with a near photographic memory.
All these reasons, earn them well-deserved admiration and appreciation from business associates, friends and loved ones.
Although loyal and devoted to friends, loving and passionate in romance, monkeys may quickly lose interest in the object of their affection and seek out another. This general fickleness can also be seen in their abandonment of (work)projects and in their (eating) habits, they usually prefer a quick snack or the short way around. Their talent and extraordinary originality, lets them enjoy luck and in whatever career they choose, but usually excel as troubleshooters, scientists, researchers, artists or inventors.

The Monkey zodiac character, combined with the fortune character ‘Fu’, both hand crafted in silver, making this delicate Jadeite pendant a personal amulet for all the monkeys amongst us.

Fu Fortune Zodiac Pendant

Jadeite, or Imperial jade, is one of the two forms of jade and is higher valued and more expensive than nephrite, the other type of jade.

Jadeite is usually found as transparent to opaque, compact, cryptocrystalline lenses, with veins or speckles. With its glassy transparency, polished surfaces show their beautiful translucency when held against the light, as in the picture below.

Fu Fortune Zodiac Pendant

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