Ceremonial Pusaka Amulet representing the Javanese Mythical Semar Deity


Semar is one of the gods worshipped in traditional Javanese mysticism (kejawen). This spiritual entity is considered to be the guardian spirit (dhanyang, or hyang for short) of the island of Java. Jarudeh, as Semar is often also called by the Javanese, is the human manifestation of the god Sang Hyang Ismaya. Since Sang Hyang Ismaya is the elder brother of the Hindu god Siwa (Sanskrit: Śiva), the Javanese therefore worship Semar as the Supreme God. Though Semar ultimately is a divine creature, yet according to the traditional Javanese belief system it is believed that when a god reincarnates to the human realm it will be reborn with an ugly body.

Traditional Javanese Amulet of Mythical Semar Deity

Hence, in traditional wayang (shadow puppetry) epics Semar is depicted as short and obese. The unattractive appearance with rather repulsive physical features represents the true nature of human body, which essentially is seen as something undesirable for it is subject to aging, sickness and death. However, the marks of maturity also indicate the realization of spiritual wisdom. Beside being worshipped as the ancestor spirit of the Javanese, Indonesian mystics, occultists and spiritual practitioners venerate this deity as their spiritual teacher.

Traditional Javanese Amulet of Semar

The Semar amulet is made from sacred brass which is forged in the shape of a ceremonial pusaka weapon. Each side of the sheath is adorned with Javanese calligraphy, and there are Javanese spell inscriptions on each side of the blade. Thus, the Javanese mythical Semar deity amulet is empowered according the ancient method of Indonesian ritual magic. This ceremonial pusaka amulet can be used for ritual worship of the Semar deity to request spiritual guidance. It is, however, also possible to use the amulet for invocation of Semar to ask for specific wishes to be fulfilled. To do this, one can use the Aji Semar Mesem prayer to increase one’s authority and boost one’s charisma, for example.

Semar Jarudeh Amulet

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