Celestial Nāga King Amulet featuring Sacred Sword of Truth to Eliminate Falsehood


According to traditional Indonesian Hindu-Buddhist mythology, the Western quarter of the universe is guarded by the nāga king named Virūpākṣa. Virūpākṣa Nāgarāja, as the Guardian of the West is officially called in Sanskrit, is the Lord of the nāgas – a class of mythological creatures resembling demonic serpent spirits. They reside in the celestial abode of Nāgaloka; a spiritual realm of semi-divine snake spirits in the waters beneath the Earth’s surface. Hence, water is the element of the nāgas.

Naga King Amulet

The magical abilities of the nāga king are associated with good luck and fortune. But above all, this royal deity of the underworld possesses supernatural powers to protect the world from evil and natural disasters. Also, by the power of their immeasurable merit and virtue nāgas offer help and guidance to the righteous and true believers, thereby upholding justice in the world. This, then, is where traditional Javanese Hindu-Buddhist beliefs meet contemporary Indonesian Islamic mysticism. The striking similarity in the meaning of these ancient mystical beliefs about spirits creates Thus, the brazen amulet is further decorated with sacred Arabic calligraphy and Islamic symbolism; i.e. the sword of Islam.

Naga King Amulet featuring Sacred Sword of Truth

According Islamic tradition, Prophet Muḥammad used his sword to conquer the hearts of men, inviting them thereby to embrace Islam. The razor-sharp cutting edges of the blade symbolize both the properties of a physical weapon (protection/self-defense) and a mystical object (spiritual development). And so, by cutting through the layers of ignorance truth will prevail. In this way, then, the symbolic representation formed by the nāga king coiled around the sacred sword also carries a deeper meaning to it; i.e. to eliminate falsehood. In addition, a set of magical Islamic spells for protection against enemies and backstabbers is embossed on the rear face of the amulet.

Naga King Amulet featuring Sacred Sword of Truth and Magic Spells to Eliminate Falsehood

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