Celestial Apsara Nymph Spirit Locket with Dried Jasmine Flowers from the Royal Court of Surakarta


An apsara (Sanskrit: apsarāḥ) is a celestial maiden. According to traditional Hindu and Buddhist mythology, this type of female spirits is of extraordinary beauty. Indeed, the nymph’s physical beauty is not of this world, but rather it is from the heavens. Hence apsaras are considered heavenly beings; they are a special kind of Hindu-Buddhist angels (Indonesian: bidadari; Javanese: widodari). Various depictions of divinely beautiful apsaras can be found in several ancient temples in Indonesia, including reliefs at the monumental Buddhist temple of Borobudur as well as the Hindu temple compound of Prambanan.

Apsara Deity Locket

According to the kakawin Arjunawiwāha – a classical Javanese narrative poem from the eleventh century – the gorgeous female spirits reside in the celestial realm (i.e., Sanskrit: indraloka; Javanese: kaendran) of the Hindu god Indra. In the story Indra wants to test Arjuna’s mastery of sensual desires by the nymphs’ attractive bodily features and their magical power of seduction. Furthermore, traditional Javanese court dancers often imitate the subtle and elegant moves of apsaras. For this reason, then, dried jasmine flowers – taken from the garland of a pesinden (a female dancer) from the royal palace (kraton) of Surakarta in Central Java – have been inserted to the rear side of the amulet.

Celestial Apsara Nymph Amulet

Mantra for Celestial Apsara Nymph Spirit Locket

Oṃ Apsarāḥ Āgaccha Āgaccha Svāhā

In combination with the mantra, this locket can be used by women who want to enhance their looks in order to be able to seduce others. Men, however, can use the apsara amulet to increase their fortune through gaming and gambling since the divine nymphs are known to bestow wealth on their counterparts living on Earth. In addition, both men and women can utilize the amulet’s mystical properties for the purpose of fulfilling sexual pleasures, including tantric sex and kama sutra (Sanskrit: kāmasūtra) practice.

Female Apsara Spirit Amulet

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