Business Boosting Locket filled with Sacred Elements to Generate Incremental Profits and Cash Flow


The business boosting locket is an Islamic taweez of Indonesian origin. It is made by the dukun masters of Banten Province in the western part of the island of Java. West Java is considered the spiritual center of Islamic mysticism in Indonesia. Indonesian Sufism or kebatinan is at the heart of Banten, a region of international repute when it comes to the many authentic shamans and spiritual masters living in the area. These dukuns are held in high esteem by their large group of followers, for they are the living masters of ancient Indonesian mystical tradition.

Business Boosting Locket filled with Sacred Elements

Traditional Arabic calligraphy is applied on the external surface of the locket, featuring calligraphy of Allāh, Muḥammad and the Shahādah (the declaration of faith) among other forms of visual Islamic art. The taweez is stuffed with various sacred elements like pieces of paper with several Quranic verses written on them. Multiple empowerments were bestowed by the Banten masters to bless the amulet according to the proper method of consecration, endowing it with effective magic powers.

Business Boosting Locket to Generate Profits

The mystical properties imbued within the talisman are aimed to promote business and opportunity. Subsequently, the business boosting locket has been attributed with the supernatural ability to generate incremental profits and cash flow. Due to its prominent magical quality to attract wealth and prosperity, the locket is therefore ideal for both young and old professionals, executives and entrepreneurs. Ultimately, this mystical object can also prove useful for retailers, shopkeepers and restaurant owners.

Business Boosting Taweez

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