Brazen Amulet featuring a Heraldic Composition with Crossed Swords and Holy Arabic Verses


Islamic heraldry has a wide variety of armorial bearings. Illustrations of Islamic armorial compositions often can be seen etched on the surface of various kinds of material. In this case, the universal Islamic symbol of crossed swords is engraved on the exterior surface of a brazen amulet. In addition, there are several holy Arabic verses carved on the rear face of the metal amulet.

Brazen Amulet featuring Heraldic Composition with Crossed Armorial Swords

In Islamic tradition, the crossed swords represent the noble virtues of justice and strength. The swords as such are attributes of the true warrior, both spiritually and worldly. Therefore, the crossed-swords insignia serves as a constant reminder of our religious duty in this world; i.e. striving in the way of God. This spiritual struggle then gradually evolves into an advanced state of holy fighting in Allāh’s Cause. In other words: the amulet’s heraldic composition with its swords resembles the concept of holy war or jihād – not in the physical, but, rather in the spiritual sense of this controversial word.

Brazen Amulet with Holy Arabic Verses

Aside from the spiritual purpose for which this amulet has been made, it also serves a more worldly function; namely, to help the wearer achieve success in business, increasing his or her financial profit and commercial sales revenue. Hence, it is recommended to keep the brazen amulet either in one’s wallet or work place (office, store, restaurant, etc.). In this way the mystical properties of the amulet will help attract more wealth and riches, whilst at the same time blessing the wearer with magical qualities of enhanced charisma and leadership.

Brazen Amulet featuring a Heraldic Composition with Crossed Armorial Swords and Holy Arabic Verses

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