Blue Purplish Tanzanite Gemstone (AAA Quality) mounted on an Antique Germanium Ring


Tanzanite is a rare mineral that is found only in Tanzania, East Africa. The color of this gem ranges from blue to violet, with the deep blue purplish being the rarer variant and therefore more valuable. When mineral tanzanite is observed at different angles it appears in three different colors, namely: blue, purple, and shades of dark red (burgundy). Due to these remarkable color differences tanzanite is classed as a mineral zoisite that is trichroic in nature. Since this natural gemstone is rich blue it has the highest possible color grading of AAA quality.

Blue Purplish Tanzanite Gemstone

The naturally formed tanzanite is cut as a oval cabochon, which means the gemstone is polished with a flat bottom and a rounded domed top (see image below). Next, the oval-shaped gem is mounted on an antique germanium ring, using the prong setting in order to secure the gemstone to this exquisite piece of jewelry. Germanium is a heavy metal with a diamond-like crystalline structure. Its chemical and physical properties are said to be potentially beneficial for health.

AAA Quality Blue Purple Tanzanite Gem

The healing powers of the germanium ring have a therapeutic influence on the gem. Moreover, as it is a December birthstone tanzanite is believed to provide balance when worn by those born in the last month of the year. In addition, the mustika possesses metaphysical properties that can be used for chakra healing as well as spiritual growth. When used for meditation purposes, tanzanite gemstones will induce altered states of consciousness and allow the wearer to develop profound psychic powers.

Blue Purplish Tanzanite Gemstone (AAA Quality) mounted on an Antique Germanium Ring

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