Blessed Tin Foil with Mythical Fish and Magic Spells Embossed to Attract Wealth and Fortune


Indonesian folklore is inextricably linked with the animist belief system. In the Indonesian archipelago, many ethnic groups have their own oral tradition of tales, myths and legends. A particularly popular story is that of ‘Si Leungli’, a Sundanese folklore from West Java. Si Leungli tells the story about a magical (gold) fish named ‘Leungli’. Si Leungli possesses supernatural powers such as being able to communicate with humans. The mythical fish postponed its entrance to paradise, and instead wanted to be reborn on earth in order to help others attain success in life.

Blessed Tin Foil Embossed with Magical Spells

Legend has it, that Si Leungli once saw a young village girl in despair along the river bank. When the magical fish used its supernatural abilities, Si Leungli quickly found out the reason for the girl’s sadness; apparently she had lost her clothes while she was doing her laundry in the river. However, she was not allowed by her elder sisters to return home before she would have found her clothes again. Thus, Si Leungli immediately went looking for the missing clothes. However, it did not take very long for Si Leungli to find the missing clothes and return them to the weeping girl. From then on, the girl would come back to the river every day to bring ritual offerings for the magical fish, as a means of expressing her sincere gratitude for Si Leungli’s help.

Blessed Tin Foil with Mythical Fish Embossed

Hence, it is believed that the mystical spirit of Si Leungli still roams the earth, though the magical fish can be invoked only by adept dukuns. Traditionally, the dukun will prepare ritual offerings, after which he may proceed to the invocation of Si Leungli. In this way, the Sundanese dukun performed magical incantations to reanimate the sacred spells written on the tin foil, thereby blessing the amulet with the supernatural powers of Si Leungli. This makes the amulet especially useful for those who seek to gain wealth, because the magical spells of the Sundanese dukun primarily serve to attract riches.

Blessed Tin Foil Talisman

The tin foil can be placed in one’s wallet, pocket, or talismanic waist belt. If one is a shop owner, the amulet can also be placed in the counter in one’s shop, as this will help to increase the cash-flow and improve one’s finances. Similarly, the consecrated tin foil can also be used to attract customers to your store and keep them coming back, which, of course, will help to boost one’s sales as well.

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