Blessed Locket for Sales Increase and Ensuring Business Travel Safety


This Indonesian locket is made and blessed by the Islamic mystics from Banten Province in West Java. It is a classical example of a genuine Indonesian talisman which has been consecrated by revered spiritual masters, using various ancient magical formulas of Indonesian Islamic mystical tradition. The talismanic locket is covered in gold-colored Islamic geometrical patterns and symbols, and adorned with magical spells in Arabic. It is said, that these spells possess mystical properties which will increase one’s sales and can help to seal business deals.

Indonesian Talismanic Locket

In addition, the front face of the talisman features an image of a boat, and on the rear face there is a vehicle depicted. These two images represent safety while traveling, providing thereby mystical blessings of security and protection for traveling merchants. The blessed locket can also be used for the purpose of business travel, like visiting customers or suppliers, and attending at a congress, for example.

Indonesian Talisman Locket

Also, the locket contains several sacred elements which are sealed within the black coating of the talisman. Thus the locket is sealed with a tiny metal pin in each corner. In addition, it has a tiny metal loop at the top of the locket, which allows one to wear the talisman on a necklace, or to hang it onto a wall in one’s home, shop, or office. It is, of course, also possible to wear the locket in one’s pocket, bag, or wallet.

Indonesian Taweez Locket

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