Blessed Lipstick for Influential Speech in order to Persuade and Seduce People


In many Southeast Asian cultures lipsticks and lip balms have become today’s most popular kind of amulet among those who seek alternative ways to improve certain aspects in their personal lives. Young adult females often use this kind of amulet to enhance their physical appearance in the eyes of those whom they wish to attract. Due to the ritual empowerment, the blessed lipstick can help them to realize their wishes. In this way, the ritual blessing of the lipstick is making one’s words sound very pleasing indeed.

Blessed Lipstick

This means that the lipstick can increase a woman’s influence by the power of her flattering speech. Besides improved verbal communication, the blessed lipstick also enhances one’s nonverbal communication skills, which will help you bring desired results much faster and easier. One’s body language will show confidence, which, of course, offers more opportunities for flirting. Therefore, the blessed lipstick is mostly used for romantic seduction.

Blessed Lipstick for Influential Speech

Apart from love and attraction, however, the blessed lipstick can also be used for professional gain. For instance, the mystical properties imbued within the lipstick can very well be put to use in order to persuade one’s employer and/or fellow colleagues, as well as clients or customers. A practical amulet of this kind will come in very handy in important meetings and business conferences, since the magical qualities can thus contribute to one’s authority and credibility.

Blessed Lipstick for Influential Speech in order to Persuade and Seduce People

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