Blessed Jasper Gem imbued with Magical Powers to acquire Growth in Assets


Possessing very similar qualities to badar besi, jasper is one of the most popular mystical stones in Indonesia. The gemstone features a beautiful Earth-like color with naturally formed patterns of iron oxide. As the gem also contains hematite, the mineral composition results in the contrasting colors of black and dark-brown, respectively.

Javanese Jasper Gemstone Amulet

With a moderate weight of 31 grams, this is a real masculine ring. Moreover, the large jasper stone (26 x 18 x 8 mm) certainly suits the style of a contemporary business man. As for its function, this type of amulet serves the needs of a professional leader, or an aspiring entrepreneur. Indeed, this particular ring has been blessed specifically for the purpose of helping the wearer (or his company) acquire growth in assets.

Indonesian Jasper Talisman

Among Indonesian amulet collectors there is the traditional belief that the magical quality of Javanese jasper surpasses that of most other varieties of chalcedony. The reason for this widespread belief can be explained by the multi-functionality of jasper talismans; besides its ability to make the wearer rich and successful, the stone is also known for its outstanding protective power as well as having powerful charisma-boosting qualities.

Mystical Jasper Stone Ring Amulet

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