Blessed Eyeliner with Irresistible Power of Attraction


In South and Southeast Asian cultures, including Indonesia, blessed cosmetics are a woman’s first choice when it comes to wearing magical items. The same holds true for women in countries in the Middle East. Especially in Islamic countries where it is customary for women to cover their face with a veil (ḥijāb). This, of course, places more emphasis on the eyes which remain uncovered when wearing a veil. Hence, a woman’s eyes often give away what the rest of the body does not. Indeed, the eyes can reveal the mysterious nature of the female mind.

Blessed Eyeliner with Irresistible Power of Attraction

The eyeliner is blessed with the irresistible power of love and attraction. It is ritually empowered using traditional Islamic magic, thereby turning the eyeliner into a powerful attraction charm. Thus, the amulet can be used for the purpose of enchantment. This means that, due to increased attractiveness, the blessed eyeliner can help improve one’s love life by effectively seducing the person with whom one wishes to have a love affair. The targeted person will become helplessly fascinated by the mysterious seductive gaze of the one wearing the blessed eyeliner. Due to the magic spells imbued within the eyeliner it will be very difficult for the targeted person to look away from those intriguing eyes, because it locks his or her mind into having an intense desire for you. Since the amulet has been blessed with the power to influence someone’s mind, it can, therefore, also be used for enhanced business success (e.g. by means of persuading customers, clients, co-workers, etc.).

Blessed Eyeliner with Irresistible Power of Love and Attraction

However, the blessed eyeliner also serves as a means of protection against the Evil Eye. Often a gorgeously looking lady who has both charisma and sex appeal will be envied by those who tend to be less fortunate. People tend to get very jealous of attractive women in general. Out of selfish ambition or vain conceit people wish bad luck on others simply because they may feel that that particular person has more appeal than they themselves have. Then their eyes will be filled with greed and they look at you with great envy. It is not seldom the case that people may even want to curse that person. Yet the mystical properties of the blessed lipstick can quickly bend the malicious gaze back to the person (often a sorcerer or black magician) who bestowed the curse.

Ritually Blessed Eyeliner from India

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