Black Pencak Silat Belt featuring White Protection Spells for Ultimate Power of Invincibility


The black pencak silat belt is made and blessed by the great Islamic mystics of Banten Province in West Java. Banten is the home of the powerful jawara thugs (the literal meaning of the word Sundanese word jawara is ‘champion’ or ‘winner’). The jawara are well-known for their extraordinary skills of traditional Indonesian martial arts (pencak silat) and methods of self-defense (kekebalan, kanuragan, etc.). Their heavy physical training is performed in combination with intense spiritual practice.

Black Pencak Silat Belt

As a result, the jawara are believed to possess not only great fighting skills, but ultimately they have attained supernatural abilities as well. Thus, it is said, that the jawara are immune to stab wounds since their mastery of kekebalan and kanuragan makes it practically impossible for any sharp object to penetrate the ‘thick’ skin (kebal); the physical body of the jawara seem to be able to tolerate excruciating pain indeed. Though many jawara claim that a large part of the magic power comes from the various kinds of mystical objects they wear. Yet, in fact, the real power of any amulet or talisman comes, of course, from the dukun by whom it was consecrated.

Black Pencak Silat Belt with White Protection Spells

The black waist belt features white spells written in the Arabic script. Thus, the pencak silat belt is empowered with an ancient collection of powerful Islamic spells for protection from and evasion of danger. In this way, the ritually consecrated waist belt will offer the wearer magical blessings of protection from all sorts of danger, ranging from physical weaknesses to mental illnesses. It is, therefore, an invaluable talisman which can enhance both one’s physical strength as well as one’s spiritual power.

Black Pencak Silat Belt for Ultimate Protection and Invincibility

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