Black Jade Tiger Pendant for Invulnerability against Disgraceful Acts of Treason and Extortion


Natural black nephrite jadeite is commonly known as black jade. The rock owes its color to the microscopic inclusions of dark minerals. Thus, the graphite at the stone’s inclusions cause it become dark green or even black. The main composition, therefore, bears some resemblance to ink, for indeed, this dense variety of (ferro-) hornblende jade is sometimes also called “ink jade”. Despite its opaque appearance, the stone actually is semi-translucent, which becomes evident only when one holds it in front of a source of illumination (see third picture below). The hardness of this type of jade measures 6.0–6.5 on Mohs scale.

Natural Black Jadeite Tiger Pendant

The front face of the pendant features an image of a tiger, which has been carved by hand in traditional Chinese-Indonesian decorative style. The tiger is depicted in a beautiful natural scenery, standing on a mountain with his head facing backwards. The characteristic backward gaze symbolizes boldness and fearlessness. Nothing goes unnoticed to this wild animal while he moves in silence through the forest in the mountains. He is constantly on the look out, and remains fully aware of everything that is happening behind his back.

Nephrite Jade Tiger Amulet

A Javanese dukun (from Cirebon) of Chinese descent endowed the amulet with various mystical properties that are attributed to the tiger. Through chanting an ancient mantra (see below) the spiritual master thereby miraculously turned the black jade pendant into magical object. This allows one to use the talisman’s magical power for protection, making one invulnerable against disgraceful acts of treason, including verbal and physical attacks, or any other scheme people might plot against the wearer. At the same time, the dukun‘s blessing also helps one develop more courage to act as a righteous leader, causing one’s enemies to be overthrown by the ferocious power of the tiger, which boost the wearer’s charisma and authority.

Indonesian Chinese Buddhist Tiger Talisman carved from Black Jade

Mantra for Black Jade Tiger Pendant

Ana kêdhawang mibêr ing tawang awang-awang

Macan sèwu ing mripatku

Macan putih ing dhadhaku

Gelap ngampar suaraku

Durga mêndhak kala

Mêndhak têka

Kêdhèp têka wêdi

Têka asih mungsuhku

Kodhêng madhêp manut sakarêpku

Saka kersaning Allah

Indonesian Tiger Talisman made from Jade

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