Black Badar Besi Iron Rock Embodiment of an Ethereal Khodamic Entity


Badar besi is internationally acclaimed as one of Asia’s most potent amulets. This Indonesian talisman is equivalent to lek lai in Thailand. The words besi and lek both mean ‘metal’ or ‘iron’, referring to the same type of sacred iron found in this part of the world. This kind of mineral is considered to be an alchemical substance, which possesses extraordinary magical power. In fact, it is believed that is the black rock forms the embodiment of a highly evolved spiritual being.

Badar Besi Stone Embodiment of a Khodam

Indeed, in Indonesian culture badar besi stones are regarded as a transcendental body of a living celestial being. The mystic spirit dwelling within this particular piece has the ethereal nature of a khodam or guardian spirit. Khodams are a class of spirits whose true nature is characterized by compassion; they are particularly benevolent towards human beings. However, it requires a realized master or dukun to conduct a complex ritual in order to be able to beseech the khodamic entity for divine blessings.

Khodamic Badar Besi Iron Amulet

Fortunately, such accomplished mystics can still be found in Indonesia today; hence authentic pieces of genuine badar besi are still available on the international amulet trade market, albeit in relatively small numbers. Moreover, because these spirit-bound iron pellet are endowed with sheer supernatural power, they are prized among the nation’s most valuable mystical objects. Anyone in search of a truly powerful talisman need look no further than badar besi.

Authentic Piece of Genuine Badar Besi from Indonesia

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