Black and Dense Khodam Spirit Bound Oil


Authentic khodam spirit oil is extremely hard to find in Indonesia today. Nowadays most of the khodam oils are blended with ordinary substances which hold no sacred value whatsoever. In spite of the problematic issue of people selling all kinds of fake mystical oils, there are, however, still a few masters who continue to produce genuine khodam oil. One of such guru masters is the venerable Mbah Joyo, a traditional dukun living in Central Java. Mbah Joyo makes several authentic amulets and talismans, which are all consecrated according the traditional methods of olden times. Therefore, Mbah Joyo is considered a true and adept master of the ancient animist and occult tradition of Java.

Black and Dense Khodam Bound Oil

One can immediately confirm the authenticity of this mystical khodam oil, for there is a very distinct fragrance attached to the oil. Sometimes clever people try to fool the person who has a genuine interest in buying mystical oils from them, so they spray some perfumed water onto the oil to make them believe it’s an authentic khodam oil. However, the artificial scent will soon disappear within a couple of hours. Fortunately, in case of Mbah Joyo’s khodam oil, one need not worry about this, since the distinct fragrance serves as accurate proof of authenticity.

Close up of Black and Dense Khodam Bound Oil

As to the ritual empowerment of the black and dense khodam bound oil, the dukun performed fasting for seven days consecutively. At midnight he recited the holy verse Ayatul Kursi (‘The Throne Verse’) from the Noble Qur’ān (2:225) 313 times. In doing so, the dukun invoked the miraculous powers of the Divine, thereby blessing the oil with extremely powerful mystical properties. Next, various kinds of ancient Javanese incantations were performed to invite the mystical khodam spirit to come and reside in the bottle with oil. In order to obtain the khodam spirit’s permission to perform this dark ritual, the dukun prepared a large tray with traditional offerings, consisting of fruits, sweets, fragrant flowers, burning incense and candles.

Mbah Joyo - The Maker of the Khodam Oil

Due to the extensive process of consecrating the oil with sufficient magic powers and auspicious blessings, the black and dense khodam bound oil is therefore considered an extremely powerful love charm. As such, the oil can very well be used as a love potion to attract the opposite sex, as well as to enchant a secret lover, or to consolidate an existing relationship or marriage. In addition, the khodam spirit can help the owner of the oil to become rich fast when one asks the mystical spirit for lucky numbers in lottery or gambling.

– Note: this item requires daily offerings; instructions for ritual worship will be provided upon purchase of this item.

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