Black Agate Mustika Gemstone


Black agate is a gemstone associated with volcanic rock. It has a fine grain structure, characterized by its dark color. The natural stone is considered to be a mustika, which means that the black agate gemstone is a sacred elemental inhabited by a khodam spirit. Hence, there are various supernatural powers attributed to the black agate mustika gemstone. Its khodam spirit will bestow blessings of protection, good health, and success.

Black Agate Mustika Gemstone

The agate mustika has a red tone covering some parts of the exterior surface of the stone. The reddish color represents the fire element within this gemstone. Black agate contains strong chi forces resembling its ‘hot’ nature. When channeled correctly, this hot energy is very useful for improving one’s stamina and boosting one’s confidence and courage. It is, of course, also beneficial for healing purposes, i.e. treatment of various ailments, like pains in joints, rheumatism, and arthritis.

Base of Black Mustika Gemstone with Khodam Spirit

Black agate can absorb both positive and negative energies. However, when the mustika is properly cared for, then its powers to attract positive energies will increase. A person well experienced in channeling energies – shamans, spirit mediums, etc. – often use black agate mustika gemstones for neutralizing negative forces as well as cleansing negative effects. Similarly, black agate serves as a powerful tool for meditation. In this way, one can communicate with the khodam spirit and ask for its blessings.

Red/Black base of mustika gemstone

In addition, the khodam spirit will guide and protect the owner of the black agate mustika gemstone wherever s/he goes. If the stone is placed in one’s home, then the household will be protected against burglary and theft. And if it is placed in one’s place of work, it will bring the owner success in business. Hence, the black agate mustika gemstone is a multifunctional item which can be used to achieve both worldly and spiritual goals.

Close up of Black Mustika Gemstone

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