Besi Kuning: Indonesian Amulet made from 7 Sacred Metals, for Protection and Wealth Increase


Besi kuning, or ‘wesi kuning’, is a yellow colored alloy which consists of seven sacred metals: (1) gold; (2) silver; (3) copper; (4) tin; (5) nickel; (6) lead; and (7) iron. These metals are sacred in the sense that they are obtained from ancient sacred objects such as various kinds of ritual instruments, kerises, and amulets, which are then smelted according the traditional alchemical methods.

Besi Kuning

Besi kuning originates from the Javanese Blambangan Kingdom (1536–1580 CE) in East Java, Indonesia. The last ruler of the Blambangan Kingdom, Minakjingga, was famous for his supernatural powers. It is said, that he was invulnerable to attacks by sharp objects. Minakjingga was known as a heroic warrior who fought a series of bloody battles, yet he would remain undefeated. Due to his victories, Minakjingga became well known for his supernatural powers of invincibility and invulnerability. It is believed, that Minakjingga obtained his supernatural powers from the besi kuning he owned.

Besi Kuning

Thus, besi kuning is an ancient Indonesian pusaka heirloom item of royal descent. It is a traditional Indonesian amulet, which, in olden times, was exclusively made by ordained priests and shamans of the royal court. In this way, the dukuns handed down their spiritual knowledge from generation to generation. However, after Indonesia became an independent nation, the power of the Javanese keraton gradually decreased. Seen from the positive side, this made it possible for the laity to gain access to the higher knowledge of the ordained priests and shamans of the keraton. Hence, the traditional method of making besi kuning has not only been preserved, but is also still practised by the very few remaining authentic dukuns today.

Besi Kuning

Besi kuning is believed to be one of the most powerful tools for protection. The sacred metal alloy contains strong magical qualities that serve as a defense against all sorts of danger. The body of the person who owns besi kuning becomes immune against poisoning, i.e. food poisoning, an attack from a venomous animal, or an attack with a keris which is infused with poison. Similarly, one’s body will become invulnerable to weapons and sharp objects. Furthermore, besi kuning can even prevent a person to get injured in deadly accidents.

Close up of Besi Kuning

Also, the magical aspects of besi kuning are very effective to accumulate wealth. Besi kuning will help a person’s business to prosper, thereby increasing the rate of sales, which leads to more profit. Either way, with besi kuning in one’s personal collection, money will always come easily. Moreover, in case of having financial problems, one shall soon find the right solution to overcome monetary obstacles through the blessings of good fortune that will be bestowed upon the owner of besi kuning.

Close-up of Besi Kuning

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