Balinese Silver Naga Snake Ring with Gold-Plated Hood and Red Ruby Crown


The Balinese ring is made by hand, using 92.5% genuine silver. The unique model of the talismanic ring represents a mythical nāga snake deity, which is worshipped in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It also contains a small piece of gold-plated decoration and a dark blood red ruby gemstone on the head of the nāga serpent. The silver tail of the snake ring is bendable, which means the size can be freely adjusted to fit your own finger.

Balinese Naga Ring

A ring of this kind is typically worn by Balinese brahmins and temple priests – the so-called pedandas and pemangkus. As an authentic and properly blessed amulet, the nāga spirit is believed to ward off bad luck in general and material misfortune in particular. Consequences of collateral damage, for example, can be overturned through the supernatural power of this mythic being. Also, one’s material belongings and monetary assets are safely guarded by the nāga, for it is known to be a real treasure keeper in Hindu and Buddhist belief systems.

Silver Snake Ring from Bali

Mantra for the Balinese Silver Nāga Snake Ring


Jīva maṇi bhrājat phaṇa sahasra vidhṛta

Maṇḍalāyānantāya nāgarājāya namaḥ

Ābhāhu puruṣākāraṃ śaṅkha cakrāsi dhāriṇam

Sahasra śirasaṃ śvetaṃ praṇamāmi patañjalim


Talismanic Naga Serpent Ring with Ruby

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