Balinese Ganesha Elephant Head God Pendant including Solid Silver Necklace


In Bali, the elephant head god Gaṇeśa holds a special place in the daily ritual worship that is performed by the indigenous Hindu community. The deity is primarily associated with good fortune. Hence the owner of this traditional Indonesian amulet can beseech Gaṇeśa for blessings before starting a job or beginning any other new and important tasks; indeed, throughout the Hindu world Gaṇeśa is known as the god of new beginnings. It can also be used for praying to Gaṇeśa in times of distress, for the Balinese believe that any obstacle can thereby be successfully removed.

Hindu Ganesha God Pendant

The pendant is crafted from solid silver, with a remarkable eye for detail regarding the traditional iconographic elements. Gaṇeśa here is depicted with four arms. In his upper right arm he holds an axe, while his lower right hand is placed in the so-called ‘abhayamudrā’ representing fearlessness. A lotus flower can be seen in his left upper arm, and a bowl of food in the left lower arm. These are ancient symbols of providence, showing Gaṇeśa as the divine bestower of fortune.

Balinese Silver Necklace

Mantra for the Balinese Solid Silver Gaṇeśa Pendant

Oṃ gajānanaṃ bhūtagaṇādi sevitaṃ

Kapiṭṭha jambūphalasāra bhakṣitaṃ

Umāsutaṃ śoka vināśakāraṇaṃ namāmi

Vighneśvara pādapaṅkajaṃ

Bali Hindu Amulet of Ganesha

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