Balinese Danganan Keris Hilt carved from Moose Horn in the Image of Hanoman, the White Monkey God


This danganan (keris hilt) Hanoman is fully hand carved in traditional Balinese style. Hanoman (Sanskrit: Hanuman) is the general of the monkey army (‘wanara’; Sanskrit: ‘vānara’) whom is revered for his loyalty, honesty, courage and compassion. Moreover, under Hanuman’s lead, the monkey army helped Rāma to free Sītā from the hands of Rāvaṇa in the city of Laṅkā. Thus, as a loyal servant, Hanoman will offer his service to the owner of this keris hilt, and help his master to fulfill his or her wishes.

Hanuman Keris Hilt

The hilt is carved from moose horn. Its natural color is white, which, therefore, resembles Hanoman’s body very well, for he is also known as ‘The White Monkey’. The total lenght of the hilt is 12 cm.

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