Badar Besi Metallic Elemental Substance with 16 Zircon Gemstones set in a Stainless Steel Ring engraved with a Pair of Naga Serpents


Badar besi is the Indonesian equivalent of Thai lek lai (alternatively spelled ‘leklai’), a sacred metal-like substance found within the walls of holy caves. According to legend, only the most adept masters have the knowledge and permission to extract the magical metal from these mysterious sites. In traditional Indonesian folklore caves and underground caverns are believed to be the dwelling place of the Naga (Sanskrit: nāga) serpentine spirits. Since in Indonesia nagas are considered guardian spirits of treasures, there are two of these mythical creatures engraved on the stainless steel ring.

Badar Besi

The cutting process of badar besi is inextricably linked with elemental magic and alchemy. In this case, the oval-shaped badar besi stone is cut into a cabochon gemstone. Legend has it that the metallic elemental substance becomes malleable only under strict conditions, for a legitimate purpose (e.g., to benefit others). Then, and only then, the resident naga serpents of the cave will grant the master permission to cut the badar besi in a particular shape, using the heat of a consecrated candle’s flame.

Mystical Badar Besi Amulet

It is said that the badar besi ring will aid the wearer to become a charismatic leader who is admired by many. Indeed, the mystical stone is endowed with the supernatural quality to repel negative influences, while at the same time attracting positive energies. Therefore, any evil forces (e.g. black magic, ghosts, demons) surrounding the wearer of the ring will be exterminated, while making way for auspicious blessings of love, compassion, mercy, and prosperity.

Sacred Badar Besi Gemstone Ring

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