Ayurvedic Medicine Amulet of Grand Master Jivaka Rishi with Kayasiddhi Mineral Healing Relics


Jivaka rishi (Sanskrit: Ṛṣi Jīvaka; Thai: Ruesi Chiwok; Indonesian: Rêsi Caraka) is the founder of Āyurveda, an ancient alternative medical system native to India. Ayurvedic healing methods revolve around herbal medicine, physical exercise, massage, meditation, and yoga. Thus grand master Jīvaka was a physician, physical therapist, masseur, herbalist, and yogi (Sanskrit: yogī). Though Āyurveda originated in ancient Hinduism (i.e. Brahmanism) during the Vedic period (c. 1500–500 BC), yet later non-Vedic belief systems such as Jainism and Buddhism would also be incorporated into traditional Indian medicine. In fact, Buddhism holds that the personal doctor of the Buddha was none other than Jīvaka.

Ruesi Chiwok Amulet

The ruesi amulet is made from a rich mixture of sacred powders and herbs (e.g., pong buddha khun, pong ya wasana cintāmaṇi), mineral healing relics (i.e. supernatural kayasiddhi elements), and holy wood (mai mongkol) obtained from the two-hundred-year-old roof of the ordination hall (Pāli: uposathagāra; Thai: ubosot) of a royal temple (Wat Rakhang Khositaram Woramahavihan) in Bangkok, Thailand. In addition, a threefold consecration ritual (Sanskrit: abhiṣeka) was performed by Luang Por Juea to empower the amulets on November 22, 2552 BE (2009 CE) at Wat Klang Bang Gaew (Nakhon Pathom Province), and on January 7-8 and 10, 2553 BE (2010 CE) at Wat Jao Arm (Bang Khun Non, Bangkok).

Boroma Kru Phu Ruesi Chiwok Sacred Powder Amulet with Mineral Relics

The various magical substances, including kayasiddhi relics, are purified and combined with medicinal herbs, using the ‘rasa shastra’ (Sanskrit: rasaśastra) method in order to prevent and treat illnesses. Rasaśastra is a holistic approach to health designed to help people maintain balance in the body, mind, and consciousness through pranic healing. Thus, the ritual purification and empowerment of the Āyurvedic medicine amulet of grand master Ṛṣi Jīvaka enhances its therapeutic power, thereby allowing it to effectively remove negative energies and restore balance to your aura and energetic field by unlocking your spiritual energy.

Side View of Thai Hindu-Buddhist Jivaka Rishi Amulet

Ghātā for Ruesi Chiwok Amulet

Bhagaṣeṣi vantāmi paṇḍito sumedhaso arokā sumanā homiḥ

Ruesi Chiwok Gomarapat by Luang Por Juea

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