Aventurine Gemstone Amulet in Classic Indonesian Brass Ring to bolster Confidence


Set in a classic brass ring, this Indonesian amulet features a fine aventurine gemstone. A visible contrast between the yellow brass and the green stone greatly enhances the overall looks of the talisman. The oval-shaped cabochon matches perfectly with the characteristic style of Indonesian jewelry. Indeed, talismanic rings of this particular kind are treasured as a heirloom by both young and old.

Aventurine Stone in Brass Ring

The shimmering rock owes its attractive color to microscopic inclusions that are found in this particular variant of quartz. As a result, when light shines on the exterior surface it shows a metallic glitter within the gem. This optical phenomenon is also called aventurescence. As this phenomenon was discovered by chance (Italian: a ventura), this form of quartz was named aventurine. Although there are also other variants such as sunstone (aventurine feldspar) and goldstone (aventurine glass), blue-green aventurine quartz is most popular in Indonesia.

Talismanic Aventurine Gemstone

According to ancient Indonesian folklore, aventurine talismans can be worn to bolster one’s confidence and creativity. Furthermore, the ring is believed to provide improvement in both personal and professional areas of life, thereby imparting good luck and fortune. Projects that require perseverance in one’s personal life or at work are finished with ease when wearing this talismanic ring on one’s finger.

Indonesian Brass Amulet Ring with Aventurine Gem

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