Authentic Javanese Deer Parchment Taweez inducing Windfall Gain and boosting Gambling & Lottery Winnings


This authentic Javanese Islamic amulet, or taweez, is made from genuine Javan deer parchment. Obviously, animal skin is a valuable material used for small-scale, manual production of rare and unique Indonesian mystical objects. As a natural material the parchment is endowed with the many elegant features of the Javan deer. Due to its power of moving quickly and easy the Javan deer exhibits extraordinary agility. Since ancient times the indigenous population of Java often ascribed supernatural powers to the various animals living in the forest.

Authentic Javanese Deer Parchment Taweez

Hence, the Javan deer is considered a mythical animal with magic abilities. In this sense, the deer’s amazing swiftness is linked to mystical properties which are believed to induce windfall luck and help a person to become rich fast. Beside the inherently magic quality of the deer parchment, the taweez also underwent a traditional consecration ritual. The ritual is performed by an authentic Javanese dukun, who thereby imbued the talisman with additional power and blessings for wealth increase. Several ancient Islamic magical spells have been applied for this purpose.

Authentic Javanese Deer Parchment featuring Sacred Spell Inscriptions

Thus, the dukun performed various sacred incantations according proper Javanese mystical tradition. Also, in order to bless the taweez with sufficient power and effects, the magic formulas are written in Arabic using pure saffron ink. The hand written inscriptions are composed of a complex set of mathematical calculations based on Arabic numerology. Hence, the rear face of the taweez features multiple Arabic numeric codes to boost gambling and lottery winnings. The amulet, therefore, can be used to ask for winning numbers and to determine one’s lucky days for lottery, gambling and betting.

Authentic Javan Deer Parchment for inducing Windfall Luck

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