Authentic Indonesian Taweez to Conquer All Evil and to Avoid Unfortunate Mishaps


This particular talisman was originally designed for farmers to prevent their crops from getting damaged by wildlife, and to avoid that their land would get struck by nature disasters such as drought, typhoons, earthquakes, etc. Javanese farmers, therefore, often like to use this kind of talisman to ensure a good harvest. They would then put the talisman in a (sealed) bag and bury it in their own land or property. This is believed to keep away insects, weeds and pests, which could cause a potentially bad harvest. Indeed, using an authentic taweez for the purpose of protection is an common practice amongst the Javanese.

Authentic Taweez to Conquer All Evil

Aside from burying the sacred talisman, one could also place the taweez inside the house, office, or even in one’s car. This, then, will protect one’s property against burglary; i.e. one’s personal belongings will be safe from thieves. In the same way, when one places the talisman in one’s place of work (e.g. office, store, etc.), this will protect one’s business or commercial property against theft and vandalism. And when the taweez is placed inside one’s car, for example, then this will help to avoid accidents and thus ensures travel safety.

Authentic Taweez

In addition, the maker of the talisman – a traditional Javanese dukun from Yogyakarta – has consecrated the taweez with powerful blessings which serve to protect the owner against unseen forces of evil. This means, that due to the powerful magic spells of the dukun, evil spirits, ghosts, demons and jinns are unable to cause any harm to the person who possesses this magical taweez. In fact, they (evil spirits and the like) cannot come even near him or her, for the talisman is imbued with mystical properties which repel evil. Similarly, black magicians and ill-willed sorcerers do not stand a chance of inflicting any serious harm on the owner of this authentic Indonesian taweez. Hence, the Indonesian taweez can help reduce the occurrence of unwanted manifestations in a household, business, office, including both commercial as well as private property.

Authentic Taweez for Protection

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