Authentic Dayak Silver Amulet from Kalimantan, boosting Charisma, Appeal and Stamina


The Dayak people, the natives of the island of Kalimantan, traditionally lived along the rivers.
Dayak is a generic term that has no ethnic or tribal significance. In Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan), it is applied to any of the indigenous peoples of the island.
Today, the Dayak population is estimated roughly at 2.2 million.

Dayak Silver Amulet from Kalimantan

Since times, the highly developed and complex religious practices of the Dayak were mainly animistic, involving local spirits and omen flora and fauna. Tribal warfare, with headhunting, was common. Since the Indonesian independency, the Dayak have adopted various forms of Christianity.
Nevertheless, their typical, magical rites and ceremonies have ever been present

Dayak Silver Amulet from Borneo

Among the numerous animals that are prominent in their tribal religion and magic, the animals of the forests, the sea, and the air that are most significant. The close connection between humans and nature that was lost to industrialization, resolved in anthropomorphizing of nature. However, many ancient traditions remained until today

Dayak Bracelet Amulet from Kalimantan

Since the Bronze Age, generating fire with the aid of fire borers, was compared to the sexual act, especially in Africa, India, and Indonesia. In the ancient myths of the Dayak, fire is produced by rubbing a liana (male) on a tree (female) and is interpreted as coitus. When this magical fire was used to cast objects, this process is believed to be similar to the creation of life.

Dayak Silver Talisman from Kalimantan

It is exactly in that ancient tribal tradition, that this amulet was cast in Kalimantan. During this mystical ritual, the amulet was empowered with power boosting spells and blessings. Since this silver talisman is the outcome of the magical and sexual process of creation, it can improve and enhance sexual endurance, charisma and appeal.

Wearing this traditional unisex talisman, a natural dominance, power and influence, will reveal to its wearer. Undoubtedly this will result in better performance, attraction and stamina.

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