Aromatic Ritual Love Potion with Magical Bamboo Grass for Sexual Magnetism


The aromatic ritual oil is handmade according ancient Indonesian occult tradition, using several kinds of fragrant flowers and sacred herbs to bring about its mesmerizing scent. By extracting and distilling the herbal ingredients in the traditional way, the resultant concoction consists only of pure and natural oils, without any alcohol or chemicals added to it. This also means that the potion is considered to be halal, thereby also allowing Muslims to use this powerful charm.

Magical Sex Potion

To use the oil one has to anoint a few drops on each eyebrow, using one’s left thumb to apply it to the right eyebrow, followed by a few drops on the right thumb to apply it to the left eyebrow. In doing so, the person will be able to activate and utilize the inherent power of the magic spells that are imbued within the potion, which will cause him or her to be seen more attractively. Whether one wants to attract a stranger or an old flame, regardless of whether that person is from the opposite or of the same sex, this magical oil is specifically empowered to increase the wearer’s probability of getting such goals accomplished.

Indonesian Magic Concoction for Sex

Yet if the joy and pleasure of mere attraction and flirting is not enough, then it is also possible to use the aromatic herbal oil purely for sexual magnetism. Indeed, it is precisely for this purpose that there is also magical bamboo grass from the dense rain forests in Kalimantan inserted to the bottle. And so, by adding a few drops of the oil (along with the magical bamboo grass) to a bowl of hot water with fresh flower leafs (preferably red roses and white jasmine) in it, one can then use it for ritual bathing of the body (starting from the head). Ideally, one should perform this particular act of ritual bathing at midnight as this is believed to gain sexual excitement between lovers.

Mystical Love Oil Bottle to Attract People

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