Authentic Arabian Alchemical Metal Bracelet with Solomonic Inscriptions to generate a Charismatic Aura


Most of the ritual magic in the Arabian world today are based on the ancient occult practices of King Solomon, also known as Prophet Sulāyman in Islamic tradition. The supposedly divinely appointed ruler was gifted with extraordinary talents in the sense of extrasensory perception of the Unseen. Solomon’s paranormal psychic abilities allowed him to communicate and interact directly with various mysterious beings from the spirit realm. A large number of his divination methods are recorded in several grimoires, including the famous ‘Key of Solomon’, a later work influenced by the magical operations of Arabian alchemists.

Islamic Bracelet

The Banten masters are among the foremost magicians in Indonesia, and indeed, they are highly skilled in Solomonic magic, too. The many authentic amulets and talismans made and blessed in Banten Province are an obvious indication thereof. As a result, the mystical tradition in West Java has gained widespread attention worldwide. Yet in spite of increased popularity, the traditional form of magic found in this particular region of Indonesia largely has remained intact due to the people’s continuous effort to preserve their ancient cultural and religious heritage.

Sacred Metal Muslim Bracelet

As this bracelet has been made according the old method of Arabian alchemy, this also implies that the magical qualities of metal were properly utilized. In addition, a sacred Islamic incantation on the exterior surface of the amulet empowers the bracelet with mystical properties to boost the wearer’s luck, so that s/he will be able to obtain numerous provisions (Arabic: rizq). The person wearing this Indonesian talisman shall thus come to enjoy its magic power of attraction and seduction, as well as the many practical benefits of the charismatic aura it helps to generate.

Indonesian Bracelet Amulet with Arabic Spells

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