Antique Amulet Ring with Large White Chalcedony Stone for the Occultic Practice of Divination


The white variety of chalcedony is considered a mystical stone in Indonesia. It is inextricably linked with Indonesian mysticism because of the stone’s spiritual potential. Since the natural gemstone was obtained from a holy cave near Mount Salak in Bogor (West Java), it is therefore regarded as an auspicious object of reverence. Many highly respected masters from Banten Province stayed in this area to do their meditation and other austerities, allowing the chalcedony to absorb the resultant metaphysical energies.

White Chalcedony Gemstone

As in many cultures around the world, white is associated with purity and other wholesome qualities such as good conduct and spiritual harmony and peace. Thus, Indonesians believe that white, precious and semi-precious stones, are the physical manifestation of holiness and virtue. Moreover, owing to the blessings of the great mystics, a magical gem such as this is valued as a genuine heirloom (pusaka). And as can be seen from the pictures, the talismanic ring obviously has high value because of its considered age.

Sacred Chalcedony Amulet

Therefore, the ring can be worn either as an antique ornament or as an authentic amulet. It is suitable for both men and women (of all ages) to wear this exquisite piece of jewelry. Before putting it on one’s finger, however, one should first wash both hands and recite the Basmala prayer (Bismillāhi raḥmani raḥīm – “In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”) three times. This ensures that maximum power will be activated, thereby enabling the wearer to use it for various purposes (e.g., development of psychic powers, divination, healing).

Indonesian Chalcedony Ring Talisman

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