Animist Tuyul Infant Spirit Locket made from Cemetery Earths, Ashes and Herbs


Tuyuls are a special class of spiritual entities in the animist spirit world of Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand). The term ‘tuyul’ itself refers to the spirit of an infant; i.e. a baby ghost. These mystic child spirits are believed to dwell in eerie places, such as graveyards, dense forests, haunted sites, etc. Likewise, they like to occupy uninhabited houses and apartments, where they can play freely without any other people around. Some of them, however, prefer to stay in or near inhabited places or occupied residences in order to find themselves a foster parent and/or a playmate. Conversely, people can also adopt a tuyul spirit into their family by keeping an amulet or effigy.

Javanese Tuyul Baby Spirit Talisman

In general, tuyul spirits are considered to be benevolent beings who are always eager to help humans. When their foster parent (that is, the person who owns the amulet) treats them like one of his or her own children, the tuyul will offer magical protection to its master, thereby keeping everyone in the household free from danger. Hence thieves in the night stand no chance against the resident tuyul‘s supernatural abilities. Besides evasion of dangers, it is also possible to ask the spirit to help you become rich fast – either through successful business endeavors or by means of increased success in gaming and gambling.

Indonesian Toyol Locket with Sacred Ingredients

Mantra for Animist Tuyul Infant Spirit Locket

Tak cepakke dolananmu

Tak sugati pakaremanmu

Mreneyo dadi anakku

After having chanted the mantra above, one should then offer the following ritual offerings to the animist infant spirit: sweets, a glass of milk, a glass of red syrup, as well as lighting a candle and burning one incense stick or cone. Immediately thereafter one should make a wish, requesting the tuyul‘s help in order to get one’s wishes fulfilled. It should be noted, however, that the tuyul should always be rewarded (either through dedication of merit or by giving material gifts like small toys) after he has helped to make one’s wishes come true.

Animist Tuyul Child Spirit Amulet

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