Angelic Prayer Oil from a Traditional Indonesian Dukun


Angelic prayer oil is a mystical substance for ritual use. The soft yellow colored oil is extracted from various natural healing herbs, fragrant plants, and pollens, which are mixed together according the authentic method of Indonesian shamans of olden times. Hence, the exact composition of ingredients as well as the proper consecration technique has been applied to produce this mystic oil.

Indonesian Angel's Dawn Oil

Due to the traditional empowerment performed by the dukun, the oil contains auspicious blessings of a divine nature. In other words, the mystical oil is imbued with powerful blessings from celestial beings of the heavenly realms. Thus, it is called ‘angelic prayer oil’. The divine qualities of the angelic prayers work in mysterious ways which will guide the devout practitioner along the spiritual path. This is why the oil is especially useful for ritual purposes, such as chanting prayers, recitation of holy scriptures, and meditation practice.

Angels Dawn Mystical oil

When anointing oneself with the angelic prayer oil, this will cause a bright spiritual light to radiate from one’s aura. In turn, this attracts the attention of celestial beings (angels, devas, and heavenly spirits), so that they will descend from the heavens to surround the person who is emitting those mystical vibrations. In this way, then, one will receive the angels’ powerful blessings of protection, charm, attraction, and spiritual guidance.

Angelic Prayer Oil from a Traditional Indonesian Dukun

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