Ancient Singosari Goldfish Statue from the Thirteenth Century


This ancient statue represents a goldfish, which is a common symbol for good luck and fortunes. The statue was found in Kanjuruan, close to the Candi Jago temple in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

Based on the condition of the bronze material, it can be estimated that this goldfish statue was made in the thirteenth century in the time of the Hindu-Buddhist Kingdom of Singosari (1222–1292). However, this rare and exclusive type of bronze material is in fact much older, for it originates from the prehistoric Bronze Age of the Dong Son culture (2000 BC–200 AD) in Vietnam.

Beside the significant historical value of this antique object of traditional material art of Indonesia, the ancient Singosari goldfish statue is also an very sacred item that can bring its owner auspicious blessings of ever increasing wealth and prosperity.

Singosari Gold Fish Statue

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