Ancient Ritual Keris Sajen Dagger for Enhanced Performance of Ceremonial Acts (e.g. Offerings, Prayer and Meditation)


The keris sajen is a special type of ritual dagger used for ceremonial acts, such as offerings, prayer and meditation. This remarkably refined dapur keris model originates from the historically renown tangguh Majapahit era (1292–1500 CE); i.e. the golden age of Hindu-Buddhist Javanese culture, art and architecture. The seemingly simplistic yet undeniably subtle design of the iron blade suggests that the keris sajen is much more than just a weapon.

Keris Sajen with Pamor Nyanak from the Tangguh Majapahit Era

Indeed, this keris is unlike any other traditional Indonesian weapon, for it serves first and foremost as a practical tool for spiritual practitioners, mystics and occultists to enhance their performance of ritual worship and devotion. Thus, special emphasis is placed on the inherent mystical properties rather than on the external features of the blade. It is believed that a ritual dagger of this particular kind has the magical ability to ward off evil influences and harm caused by ghosts and wandering spirits or demons.

Ritual Keris Sajen Dagger for Ceremonial Offerings

Through ceremonial offerings one can soothe the deities and other celestial beings, so that – when you perform proper worship with the keris – they bestow divine blessings upon you. This means that, besides being a powerful anti-black magic talisman, the ritual keris sajen dagger also can be used for enhanced charisma and leadership, as well as for sincere prayers for mercy and justice. In this way, the ancient iron blade can help improve your luck, fate and fortune.

Keris Sajen Iron Hilt

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