Ancient Metal Rian Phra Monk Coin Amulet of Luang Por Sim from Wat Tham Na Phom


This ancient metal coin amulet, or rian phra, features the image of Luang Por Sim Buddhacaro, a famous Thai master of the Buddhist doctrine (Sanskrit: dharma; Pāli: dhamma) and meditation practice. The coin is made from various sacred metals, including old metal amulets as well as money coins. Also, there is a money bag depicted on the rear face of the monk’s coin amulet. Around the money bag there are magical spells written in an antique style of the Khmer Script (i.e., Aksar Khom) that serve to fetch money. Hence it is believed that this rian of Luang Por Sim generates auspicious blessings that can help increase the wearer’s wealth and riches. The amulet can be placed in one’s wallet, purse or (money) bag, thereby improving the wearer’s cash flow.

Luang Por Sim of Wat Tham Na Phom

Luang Por Sim was born on November 26, 1909, in Sakhon Nakhon Province, northeast Thailand. His parents were farmers and devout supporters of the local Buddhist monastery. When Luang Por Sim was 17 years old he underwent ordination in the Buddhist monastic order (Sanskrit: saṃgha; Pāli: saṅgha) as a novice (Sanskrit: śrāmaṇera; Pāli: sāmaṇera). Soon after his ordination he would become a disciple of the legendary master Ajahn Mun of the Thai forest tradition. When Luang Por Sim was at the age of twenty he underwent full ordination as a Buddhist monk (Sanskrit: bhikṣu; Pāli: bhikkhu). His ordination took place at Wat Sri Candaravasa in Khon Kaen, Thailand. Luang Por Sim, among other disciples, stayed for many years practising the dhutaṅga austerities in the forests under the guidance of Ajahn Mun.

Ancient Metal Rian Phra Monk Coin of Luang Por Sim

In 1959 Luang Por Sim was given the ecclesiastical monastic title of ‘Phra Khru Santivaranana’. In the years following after that he would become abbot of several monasteries in various parts of Thailand. Then, in 1967, he established his own monastery; i.e., Wat Tham Na Phom. The temple was located in the remote mountains of Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai province. Luang Por Sim would reside at Wat Tham Na Phom until his passing away in 1992.

Ancient metal Rian Phra Monk Coin of Luang Por Sim from Wat Tham Na Phom

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