Ancient Kul Buntet Fossilized Sea Shell Amulet


Kul buntet is an Indonesian amulet in the form of a fossilized sea shell. Fossils are believed to possess magical powers through which these preserved remains can withstand the test of time. Fossilized organisms, therefore, often contain various kinds of extremely rare minerals from the remote past. Thus, the inherent magical qualities of the kul buntet can be linked to the rare mineral elements within the fossilized sea shell. Considering the fact that sea shells can be preserved as fossils only under very rare and specific circumstances, this makes the kul buntet an extreme rarity indeed.

Kul Buntet Fossil

This kul buntet fossil is obtained on the banks of the Brantas River in Kediri, East Java. The Brantas River valley is an historically important site for Indonesian finds of early human fossils of the Java Man (Homo erectus), an ancestor of modern man (Homo sapiens), which are estimated to be 1.8 million years old. Indeed, the natural environment of the Brantas River valley offer the ideal circumstances for biological structures to fossilize. Hence, the fossilized sea shell was found by a local dukun who stayed in the area to perform his spiritual practice. After he finished meditating, the dukun opened his eyes and instantly spotted the kul buntet.

Kul Buntet Fossil Amulet

Recognizing the spiritual potential of the fossil, the dukun decided to empower it with additional blessings. Then, the amulet was consecrated using ancient Javanese mantras for protection, wealth, and to improve one’s fate. In this way, the kul buntet fossil amulet can be used to change one’s luck. This is because of the magical spells which are aimed at business success, though it is also possible to use the amulet for the purpose of gambling. In addition, the dukun transmitted mystical properties onto the fossil which will prevent people from talking behind your back. In order to get maximum results, a mystical object of this kind should be placed in one’s home, preferably in a clean room or place where one normally performs ritual worship or spiritual practice.

Kul Buntut Talisman

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