Amorous Garut Jasper Gem Amulet with Rare Blue Speckles of Apatite


Naturally rich jasper deposits can be found in the valleys near Garut, West Java. The opaque quartz from this mountainous area comes in a wide variety of colors – in this case, a mixture of brown, blue, and white. Especially the blue variants of jasper are rarely seen, which makes this particular gemstone a very valuable piece indeed. Since it is the traditional birth stone of March, this Indonesian jasper gem is therefore recommended to be worn by people born in that particular month. Though, of course, it can just as well be used by anyone else.

Amorous Garut Jasper Gem Amulet

The ring, first and foremost, serves as a luck booster in the sense that one’s life can enhanced by the power of the jasper stone. This means that the amulet is very useful in regard to commercial endeavors. In a similar fashion, the talisman yields significant benefits which induce mercy and compassion in the hearts of others. It is, however, also possible to take these aspects a step further and apply the gemstone’s magical power to a person whom you wish to enchant. Wearing this authentic Indonesian amulet will then help the owner to effectively impress and entice others for amorous adventures.

Garut Jasper Stone

Mantra for Amorous Garut Jasper Gem Amulet

Oṃ hyang kakang cahya adam adêg ku

Sakabehing cahya manungsa

Kang akrungu

Aduh kanyut cêdhak karut

Karut, karut, karut, kanyut

Javanese Jasper Amulet

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