Ambitious Muslim Female Bracelet to Stop Unequal Treatment and Sexual Discrimination


Ambitious women operating in professional areas in life frequently find themselves in unfavorable job positions compared to their male counterparts. Sadly enough, sexual discrimination still is a common phenomenon in contemporary society. In a humble attempt to do something about such unequal treatment, the mystical masters from Banten Province made and blessed this sacred bracelet, so that wearer’s skills in business will no longer be overlooked so easily by co-workers and employers. Consequently, the woman wearing this empowered object thereby increases her chances at job promotion and/or pay raise.

Muslim Woman Bracelet

With a diameter of approximately 4,5 centimeters the stainless steel bangle fits perfectly on a lady’s wrist. It is recommended to wear the talisman on one’s right wrist; for the rest it is not strictly necessary to take it off when visiting the restrooms, because the dukun cast a special spell that helps to preserve the amulet’s magical power. Therefore, it is also permissible to wear this mystical item during one’s menstrual period. However, before putting it one’s wrist, one should first recite a special mantra (see below) in order to activate its metaphysical properties.

Magical Female Muslim Bangle

Mantra for Ambitious Muslim Female Bracelet

Slameto Budi Aku Luhuro Kadrajatan Aku

Sak Tingkah Polah Aku Slamet Oleh Rezekine Allah

Indonesian Islamic Bracelet Talisman for Women

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