Agatized Fossil Coral Ring to optimalize Efforts in Business, Study, and Romance


The mystical object seen in this ring is a natural agate gemstone that has replaced the original coral in this stone. Fossilized coral can become agatized after long periods of time, resulting in a remarkably fine piece of jewelry. Agatized fossil coral stones feature a distinctive circular pattern that looks a lot like blooming flower buds. The flower-like symbols on this particular gem are rather light in color, indicating a relatively higher richness in agate than in coral.

Agatized Fossil Coral Gemstone

In addition, there are 43 small zircons studded on the ring. Due to the age of the amulet, however, there are four tiny zirconia stones missing; hence the attractive low price of an otherwise infallible talisman. Regarding its function, the magical ring can be worn to increase one’s mental alertness, helping the mind stay awake and become vigilant in stressful times. The soothing effect of agate will help to create a better overview of and a clearer perspective on the situation at hand. Thus, with a calmer mind, one will be able to optimalize one’s efforts in business, study, and even romance.

Fossilized Coral Agate Gem

Mantra for Agatized Fossil Coral Ring

Batu akik mawa isi

Sekar melati tirta prewitosari

Kanggo wadah rasa sejati

Rasaku si jabang bayi … (say your own name)

Kinemulan sifat rahman sifat rahim

Atut pada welas pada asih saka kersane Allah

Indonesian Coral Stone Amulet

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