Powerful Lapis Lazuli ring enhancing personal insight and protection through aquatic and cosmic energy


Powerful Laps Lazuli Ring For Protection

Title: Powerful lapis lazuli ring enhancing personal insight and protection through aquatic and cosmic energy
Origin: Bali
, Indonesia
Type of stone: Lapis Lazuli
Cut: Cabochon
Clarity: Opaque
Hardness: 5.0-5.5 (Mohs)
Dimensions: 22x31mm
Stone size: 10x14mm
Ring size: 9 19mm
Weight: 13 gr
Magical Properties: Anti Black Magic; healing & wellness; luck, fate & fortune; inner vision & intuitive awareness; protection & invasion


Strong Lapis Lazuli Juwel ring with Cosmic and Aquatic Enery

The gemstone’s deep blue color is often believed to establish connection with cosmic or heavenly energies. Through that connection, the lapis lazuli is said to provide protection and shield the wearer from negative influences. The gem’s color also refers to another earthly element, water. Since both our planet, as well as us human beings, are consistent of over 80% water, this powerful deep blue gemstone helps extracting low energies from the body and absorb higher, healthier vibrations which reveal more insights and intuitive awareness

As in most lapis lazuli jewelry, this heavenly blue stone also contains traces of the mineral component pyrite, which can be easily recognized by the golden specks on the gem’s surface. Symbolically, these represent stars shining in the deep blue night sky, showing its wearer the way in the dark. Similarly, lapis lazuli is believed to function as a powerful source of (spiritual) light (Arabic: nūr/النور ) that dispells darkness.

In addition to the large lapis lazuli, there are 24 small zircons studded on the ring, topping the ring off into an impressive timeless jewel. And with its ring size 9, fitting both women as male wearers

Powerful Lapis Lazuli ring enhancing inner vision and protection

In search of light and vision, the Du’a of Noor below can evoke the jewel’s powers

ا ل ل َّ ُه َّم ا ْج َع ْل ِف ي َق ْل ِب ي ن ُ و ًر ا

Allaahum’maj’al fee qalbee noora

Translation: O Allah, place light in my heart

Powerful lapis ring on finger






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