Bajigur: A Traditional Indonesian Medicinal Drink from West Java

Bajigur is the name of a hot beverage from West Java, Indonesia. The majority of the local population (the Sundanese) in West Java likes to drink bajigur when the weather is cold, or when temperatures are decreasing, for example when one is travelling through the mountains in West Java. A glass of hot bajigur is often served with small snacks, such as steamed banana or cooked sweet potato. The beverage should be consumed while it is still hot, because it loses its efficacy as a traditional medicine when it is reheated.

Bajigur: a Traditional drink from West Java to Lower the Blood Pressure

Bajigur is made from ginger root, which is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale. Indonesians consume this ginger drink to stimulate the dilation of blood vessels, to reduce pains as a result of rheumatism (rheumatoid arthritis), and to treat digestive problems. And, of course, bajigur is also very effective to reduce fatigue. Hence, a small amount of coffee is added to the bajigur. A pandan leaf is used to enhance the flavor, along with fresh coconut milk and palm sugar.

Bajigur from West Java


– Ginger: 2 pieces/roots

– Coffee: 2 teaspoons

– Coconut milk: 1 liter

– Palm sugar: 125 g

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