Odalan: Annual Celebration of Balinese Temples

Odalan is the annual celebration of the temple. This means that the ceremony takes place once in every 210 days – the total duration of one year according to the Balinese calendar. A few days before the odalan will be celebrated all the temple’s statues are taken to the nearest river where they will be ritually washed. On the day of the odalan itself banten offerings are brought to the temple where these will be offered to the gods.


These food offerings, then, after they have been offered contain divine blessings from the gods whom are believed to have consecrated the offerings they have been given to. Later on the day of the odalan the villagers will join a meal together with each other, in which they will eat together from the consecrated banten offerings. The offerings for the demons, however, will be left aside, for these ought not to be eaten by humans.

Odalan Ritual


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