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Patigeni is a strict form of fasting in which one abstains completely from eating, drinking, sleeping and having sex. During a period of patigeni one ought to stay inside one’s own residence for a designated period of time – usually for twenty-four hours, but three or seven days or even more is not uncommon either.


Ideally patigeni is practised in a small room; the room should be left completely dark, meaning that access to electricity is not allowed, nor may one make use of any other sources for light (such as candles, etc.). The practitioner should stay in this room for the entire length of the designated fasting period. Regardless if the practitioner needs to go to the toilet, he/she is still not allowed to leave the restricted area of the very room in which one carries out the practice. Thus, one should take care of the necessary preparations required for this particular form of fasting.

The purpose of patigeni is aimed at developing (mental) renunciation through (physical) seclusion. It is said, that, if done correctly, practising patigeni will lead to a brightened mind (essence of light: ‘Nur’), which luminous force dispels all darkness (ignorance).

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