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A one-day fast, starting from sunrise and lasting till sunset, is called ngrowot. After dark one may start eating again. No specific amount of food is prescribed, nor is stated any specific number of meals. However, the type of food that one chooses to consume should consist only of fruits. At the end of a day of fasting one should avoid eating too much at once, therefore it is a rule of practice that, if one wants to consume fruits after a day of ngrowot, then, one should restrict his consumption to eating only a single type of fruit, avoiding multiple kinds.


If the practitioner’s direct environmental surroundings (accommodation, etc.) are suitable for spiritual practice, then he or she will find it relatively easy to abstain from food during the daytime when that person already knows in advance  that his or her regular diet yet still may be prepared for consumption later the same day. Because of this, the mind will dwell off thinking about the fulfillment of sensual desires in the future, i.e. looking for ways to accomplish a temporary relief of hunger. Through unskillful awareness the mind is likely to be anywhere but in the present, and so it misses an important opportunity to use its powers of observation in the actual practice.

It is only when the mind lets go off its habitual thinking patterns that real progress can be made on the spiritual path. Therefore, the focus of ngrowot is not solely concerned with the performing of fasting alone, yet the skillful attitude which is required of the practitioner after the completion of a day of ngrowot, is of equal importance in order to achieve the maximum result out of one’s effort.

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